Kathy Cahill Photo Art


Skin Deep

My Background

I majored in art in both high school and college and began my experience with photography and darkroom magic there.  I worked most of my life in Los Angeles in the entertainment industry as a Set Decorator, and was able to use my photographs on many of the sets. Now  I pursue my love of photography full time, but in my own unique way. Make believe and fantasy come easily to me after years of making environments for fictitious characters.

Hummingbird On Dogwood Tree

Photography as Art

Photography is not just a tool to record things as they are, but a way to visually present things as you, the artist, see them. I composite my photographs by rearranging different images and placing them on black backgrounds to accentuate the vivid colors and graphic quality. My goal is to make eye catching images, with a somewhat otherworldly quality.